Twelve O'Clock High

Show Type: War Drama

First Telecast: September 18, 1964

Last Telecast: January 13, 1967

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin

Broadcast History:

September 1964 - January 1965, Friday 9:30-10:30 on ABC

January 1965 - September 1965, Friday 10:00-11:00 on ABC

September 1965 - September 1966, Monday 7:30-8:30 on ABC

September 1966 - January 1967, Friday 10:00-11:00 on ABC


Brigadier General Frank Savage (1964-1965)..... Robert Lansing

Major General Wiley Crowe (1964-1965)..... John Larkin

Major Harvey Stovall..... Frank Overton

Major Joe Cobb (1964-1965)..... Lew Gallo

Major "Doc" Kaiser..... Barney Phillips

Captain Major Colonel Joe Gallagher..... Paul Burke

Technician Sergeant Sandy Komansky (1965-1967)..... Chris Robinson

Brigadier General Ed Britt (1965-1967)..... Andrew Duggan


This was the one wartime action-adventure series in which the top brass did not stay behind the lines. It was the story of the 918th Bombardment Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force, stationed near London during World War II.

During the first season, the stories centered on Brigadier General Frank Savage, as he personally led his pilots through bombing raids and narrow escapes over enemy territory. Major General Crowe was his boss and Major Harvey Stovall was his adjutant on the ground.

The action was hot and heavy, and at the start of the second season, it got a little to hot for General Savage who was killed during a mission. Colonel Joe Gallagher then assumed command, and the lead in the series for the rest of its run. (Gallagher zoomed in rank from Captain to Colonel during the series' run, despite getting off to a bad start in the premiere telecast. He had guest-starred then as a brash young man who felt that he deserved special treatment from Savage because his father was a three-star General.)

Brigadier General Britt became the new superior officer in the second season, while Tech. Sgt. Komansky was Gallagher's gunner and flight engineer.

Based on the novel by Beirne Lay, Jr. and Sy Bartlett, which was made into a movie starring Gregory Peck in 1949.

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