Bring The Monsters Home!

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 Aaahh!!! School Lunch (Real Monsters)

 Real Monsters: Meet the Monsters

 Real Monsters: Monsters' Night Out


Show Type: Cartoon

Produced: 1994-1997 (52 episodes)

Premiered: October 29, 1994

Nickelodeon - 30 minutes


Ickis..... Charlie Adler

Oblina..... Christine Cavanaugh

Krumm..... David Eccles

The Gromble..... Gregg Berger


One of the gross-you-out cartoons so popular with kids in the nineties, this series centered on the comic adventures of three "real monsters." Ickis was an insecure little creature with big teeth and rabbit ears, Oblina a bad-tempered stick figure, and Krumm, a lazy, smelly blob who carried his eyes in his hands. Ugly, disgusting, and smelly, they all attended a monster school located under a huge garbage dump run by imperious headmaster, the Gromble. Despite their inadequacies, the three practiced hard at scaring the wits out of people by popping out of unlikely places (a favorite place was toilet bowls).