Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: February 27, 1961

Last Telecast: April 24, 1961

Broadcast History:

February 1961-April 1961, Mondays 9:00-9:30 on NBC


Patrick Malone..... Ralph Taeger

Gregg Miles..... James Coburn

Mr. Carver..... Telly Savalas

Chloe..... Allison Hayes

Bobby..... Bobby Troup

Max..... Jason Robards, Sr.


Ralph Taeger and James Coburn starred as two Korean War buddies turned action-prone "beach-combers" in sunny Acapulco.

Mr. Carver, a retired criminal lawyer, had supplied them with a beach cottage adjoining his sumptuous estate in return for their help in protecting him from enemies made during his career as a gang-busting lawyer.

The two ex-GI's were constantly forced to give up their girl-chasing to protect Mr. Carver, but they still managed to spend much time at a small club run by musician Bobby Troup and at a more opulent club run by Chloe, a beautiful woman who knew everything about everybody in Acapulco.