Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 15, 1983

Last Telecast: April 12, 1983

Broadcast History:

March 1983-April 1983, Tuesdays 8:00-8:30 on CBS


Ace Crawford..... Tim Conway

Toomey..... Joe Regalbuto

Inch..... Billy Barty

Luana..... Shera Danese

Mello..... Bill Henderson

Lt. Fanning..... Dick Christie


Imagine Bogie's Sam Spade played for laughs, and you've got Ace Crawford. A hard-nosed private detective, attired in the requisite trench coat, Ace was all business. But blind luck and fortuitous accidents were more responsible for his solving cases than his sleuthing skills.

His incredible run of luck had given him an undeserved reputation and brought him a continuous stream of clients. It also made Ace irresistible to the ladies, although he was usually too busy fumbling through cases to pay any attention to them.

Ace's bumbling part-time assistant Toomey, a full-time CPA, idolized Ace and hung out with his "boss" at the Shanty, a sleazy club located on the wharf. Inch (played by midget Billy Barty) was the owner and bartender at the Shanty, where Ace's not-quite-girlfriend Luana was the featured singer. Mello, Luana's blind accompanist was played by jazz great Bi8ll Henderson.

Also featured was an incredulous Lt. Fanning, who couldn't understand how Ace seemed to solve difficult cases without any effort.