Show Type: Police Drama

Produced: 1989-1990 (52 episodes)

Released: September, 1989

Syndication only - 30 minutes


Officer Gus Grant..... Peter Parros

Officer Matt Doyle..... Ethan Wayne

Sgt. Harry Santos..... Miguel Fernandes


A very routine remake of the famous series; nothing much had changed except for the faces and the police cars (which were newer). Gus and Matt were the uniformed L.A.P.D. cops on patrol this time, in a squad car code-named "Adam 12" - hence the title of the series. As before, episodes contained a mixture of serious crimes and trivial or amusing incidents on the streets of L.A. augmented by running byplay between married Gus and single Matt about their off-duty lives. Sgt. Santos was the watch commander.

Produced during 1989-1990, this series aired only in New York and Los Angeles at that time, going into national syndication the following season.