Show Type: Legal Comedy / Drama

First Telecast: September 23, 1990

Last Telecast: April 12, 1991

Broadcast History:

September 1990-November 1990, Sunday 10:00-11:00 on FOX

November 1990-April 1991, Friday 9:00-10:00 on FOX


Simon MacHeath..... Michael O'Keefe

Yvette Carruthers..... Suzzanne Douglass

Elizabeth Verhagen..... Elizabeth Ruscio

J.T. Meigs (Miggsy)..... M.C. Gainey


Simon MacHeath had left a lucrative position with a prestigious Boston law firm (whose senior partner was the father of his former wife!) to establish his own practice.

A short-tempered maverick with strong principles, MacHeath was renowned for his unconventional legal techniques, courtroom histrionics, and confrontations with judges. But he was a good attorney.

Although he did have some clients with money, many of them were downtrodden and disadvantaged. Typical of the latter were a victim of hospital negligence, a woman who had been date-raped, a comedian arrested for using obscene language, and an illiterate college basketball star who was about to lose his scholarship because of a knee injury.

Yvette was MacHeath's young researcher/assistant, Elizabeth, his secretary, and Miggsy, his scruffy legman.