Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 6, 1984

Last Telecast: April 17, 1984

Broadcast History:

March 1984-April 1984, Tuesday 8:30-9:00 on ABC


Paul (Pablo) Rivera..... Paul Rodriguez

Domingo Rivera..... Joe Santos

Rosa Maria Rivera..... Katy Jurado

Sylvia Rivera..... Alma Cuervo

Lucia Rivera Del Gato..... Martha Velez

Hector Del Gato..... Arnaldo Santana

Manuel Rivera..... Bert Rosario

Carmen Rivera..... Maria Richwine

Josť Sanchez / Shapiro..... Hector Elizondo

Linda Rivera..... Edie Marie Rubio

Nicholas Rivera..... Antonio Torres

Anna Maria Del Gato..... Claudia Gonzales

Susana Del Gato..... Martha Gonzales

Tomas Del Gato..... Mario Lopez

Mario Del Gato..... Beto Lovato

Elena Del Gato..... Michelle Smith


Short-lived comedy about a struggling young Hispanic comedian and his large, noisy, family, who rooted for his success while wanting him to treat his Mexican-American heritage with almost solemn dignity.

Paul Rivera - still called Pablo by his family - used a lot of ethnic jokes in his act, which sometimes offended his traditionalist parents, Domingo and Rosa Maria. But every Mexican joke he used seemed to spring from his home situation, whether it was about sister Lucia and her swaggering husband Hector, stuffy brother Manuel and his coquettish wife Carmen, or unmarried (but anxious) sister Sylvia. Josť was Paul's fast-talking but inexperienced agent, while the rest of the regulars consisted of the Rivera / Del Gato children.