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 Alias Smith & Jones - Season One

 Alias Smith & Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men


Show Type: Western

First Telecast: January 21, 1971

Last Telecast: January 13, 1973

Broadcast History:

January 1971-September 1971, Thursday 7:30-8:30 on ABC

September 1971-August 1972, Thursday 8:00-9:00 on ABC

September 1972-January 1973, Saturday 8:00-9:00 on ABC


Hannibal Heyes (Joshua Smith) (1971-192)..... Peter Deuel

Hannibal Heyes (Joshua Smith) (1972-1973)..... Roger Davis

Jed "Kid" Curry (Thaddeus Jones)..... Ben Murphy

Clementine Hale..... Sally Field


The main characters in this Western adventure were two gallant and amiable ex-outlaws trying to go straight.

The governor had promised them a pardon for their past crimes if they could stay out of trouble for one year, but with a price still on their heads, a lot of grudges against them, and a bit of larceny still in their hearts, that was no easy proposition.

Chased across two seasons by posses, bounty hunters and old outlaw friends who wanted them to join in on some escapade, they never did get their pardon. The occasional role of Clementine Hale, another lovable rogue, was added in October 1971 to give the program some continuing female interest.

On December 31, 1971, star Peter Deuel, age 31, was found shot to death in his Hollywood Hills apartment, an apparent suicide. With only a few episodes already in the can, the role of Joshua Smith quickly had to be recast. Roger Davis, who had been doing the programs opening and closing narrations, was chosen, and a partially completed episode was finished with Davis redoing scenes already filmed by Deuel.