Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: February 25, 1981

Last Telecast: April 29, 1981

Broadcast History:

February 1981-April 1981, Wednesday 9:00-10:00 on ABC


Sydney Chase..... Debbie Reynolds

Curtis Shea..... Bill Daily

Fran Linhart..... Pat Klous

Evelyn Pahinui..... Mokihana

Richard Bean..... Stephen Shortridge

Aloha Paradise was a rather obvious clone of The Love Boat, and was produced by the same people.

The captain in this case was Sydney Chase, the female manager of the glamorous Paradise Village resort in sun-drenched Hawaii. As on The Love Boat, there was a perky social director (Fran) and an understanding bartender (Evelyn), who dispensed tropical drinks and wise counsel. Also on board - or on hand - were Curtis, the somewhat uncertain assistant manager and Richard, the handsome lifeguard.

The plot was bore more than a passing resemblance to Love Boat's:  three or four different stories were told within each episode, each about people in love, out of love, or looking for love, and finding that their dreams could come true - at any age - in a romantic vacation setting.

The guest stars who appeared in these little stories were mostly retreads from other TV series, also a Love Boat practice. Even the theme song sounded just like Love Boat's.

One almost expected Aloha Paradise to toot its whistle and set sail!