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Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: April 5, 1978

Last Telecast: May 3, 1978

Broadcast History:

April 1978-May 1978, Wednesday 8:00-9:00 on CBS


Peter Parker / Spider-Man..... Nicholas Hammond

Capt. Barbera..... Michael Pataki

J. Jonah Jameson..... Robert F. Simon

Rita Conway..... Chip Fields

Julie Mason (1979)..... Ellen Bry


Spider-man, the Marvel Comics creation of Stan Lee, was brought to life for this limited run CBS series.

Peter Parker was a young college science major and a part-time news photographer for the Daily Bugle. When he was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider, he suddenly found himself endowed with super-human abilities. He could sense the presence of danger and possessed strength far superior to ordinary men; he could scale sheer walls without ropes and had a magic web concealed in a wrist band that helped him to "fly" and to subdue attackers.

But the transformation to Spider-Man was a mixed blessing for young Peter. He was, by nature, a rather simple, non-violent man who found himself forced to lead a double life, possessing powers he didn't quite understand and didn't really want. Peter's boss at the Daily Bugle was publisher J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson's secretary, Rita, was Peter's good friend and protector.

Spider-Man returned to the air in the fall of 1978, but as a number of specials rather than as a regular series. For these seven new episodes, the last of which aired on July 6, 1979, Ellen Bry was added to the cast as free-lance photographer Julie Mason.

An animated Spider-Man series ran on ABC's Saturday morning lineup from September 1967 to August 1969, and on its Sunday morning lineup from March to September 1970. Spider-Man then resurfaced in animation as part of NBC's Saturday morning lineup for five seasons beginning in September 1981. Another new animated version of Spider-Man premiered on Fox's Saturday morning lineup in February 1995 and on Fox's weekday afternoon lineup in November 1996. The weekday telecasts ran until September 1999 and the Saturday morning telecasts until August 2001.