Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 4, 1983

Last Telecast: July 15, 1983

Broadcast History:

March 1983-July 1983, Friday 8:30-9:00 on ABC


Sergeant Val Valentine..... Jimmie Walker

PFC Tony Baker..... David Naughton

Colonel Clapp..... Roger Bowen

Major Hawkins..... Richard Jaeckel

Corporal Lola Grey..... Jourdan Fremin

Corporal Wessel..... George Wyner

Maxwell..... Joshua Mostel

Cardinel..... John Vargas

Maurice..... Jeff Bannister


This short-lived military comedy was billed as the 1980's version Sgt. Bilko series (The Phil Silvers Show). Without a strong lead to match Phil Silvers, it attracted few viewers. As in the original, the setting was a sleepy peacetime army post called Camp Tar Creek, in Texas. The scheming Sgt. Bilko was replaced by scheming Sgt. Valentine and his buddy PFC Baker, and the dense Col. Hall by the equally credulous Col. Clapp.

The greatest threat to Val and his pals in Company J was the Colonel's by-the-book security chief Maj. Hawkins, whose informant was weasely Cpl. Wessel. Hawkins was always trying to close down Val's scams and shape things up, but to no avail. A little sex appeal was added by Baker's luscious girlfriend Lola, and a contemporary slant by the computers from Apple Computer Co. But some things never change: the platoon also had a klutzy, always-hungry private named Maxwell (remember Doberman?).