Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 13, 1990

Last Telecast: August 10, 1991

Broadcast History:

September 1990-June 1991, Thursday 8:30-9:00 on FOX

July 1991-August 1991, Saturday 9:30-10:00 on FOX


Charlene Gilbert..... Wendie Jo Sperber

Darlene Gilbert..... Susan Peretz

Marlene Gilbert..... Lesley Boone

Ronnie Underwood (1990)..... Rick Overton

Mrs. Florence Nelson (1991)..... Nedra Volz


Charlene, Darlene, and Marlene were sisters living together in a studio apartment in Manhattan. Charlene, the outgoing and vivacious middle sister, made her living as a makeup artist for a commercial photographer; Darlene, the cynical, divorced eldest sister, worked as a dog groomer; and Marlene, the trusting, naive youngest sister, was unsure of what she wanted to do.

Episodes dealt with their social lives (Ronnie was Charlene's boyfriend early on), the problems they had sharing a small apartment, and their working lives. In the spring of 1991, Darlene went to work at a day-care center. Mrs. Newman lived in their building.

What set this show apart from other comedies was the size of its stars. All three actresses were considerably overweight, in stark contrast to the svelte women usually seen on television. Early in its run, Babes made liberal use of fat jokes and situations that focused on girth. As time went on, however, this aspect of the show was de-emphasized and their size became incidental to the stories.