Baby Talk

Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: March 8, 1991

Last Telecast: July 3, 1992

Theme Music: "Bread and Butter" - a 1964 hit song


Maggie Campbell (1991)..... Julia Duffy

Maggie Campbell..... Mary Page Keller

Mickey Campbell..... Paul & Ryan Jessup

Mickey Campbell (Voice)..... Tony Danza

Joe (1991)..... George Clooney

Fogarty (1991)..... William Hickey

Howard (1991)..... Lenny Wolpe

Dr. Elliot Fleisher (1991)..... Tom Alan Robbins

Nurse Andrea (1991)..... Michelle Ashlee

James Halbrook..... Scott Baio

Doris Campbell..... Polly Bergen

Anita Craig..... Francesca P. Roberts

Danielle Craig..... Alicia & Celicia Johnson

Danielle Craig (Voice)..... Vernee Watson-Johnson

Susan Davis..... Jessica Lundy

Tony Craig..... Wayne Collins


Based on the 1989 movie Look Who's Talking, this series revolved around babies making their wisecracks heard aloud. In the spring of 1991, busy young single mom Maggie and her infant son Mickey lived in a Manhattan loft that was still under construction. Joe, Fogarty and Howard were the incompetent construction workers who were always around to create havoc. By the fall, Maggie (now played by a different actress), had moved to an apartment in trendy Brooklyn Heights, where fun-loving superintendent James, an aspiring songwriter, became her boyfriend.

Also joining the cast in the fall were: Doris, Maggie's meddling mother; Susan, a friend and co-worker at the accounting office where she worked and Anita, a neighbor with a talkative infant, Danielle, of her own.

Nothing detered ABC from making this show work: 1) Two leading ladies quit in the first six months - Connie Sellecca before it even premiered and Julia Duffy at the end of the 1991 run; 2) Gimmicky movies rarely became successful TV shows and 3) Baby Talk was voted "The Worst Series on Television" in the 1991 Electronic Media critics poll.

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