Show Type: Drama

First Telecast: January 5, 1985

Last Telecast: March 9, 1985

Broadcast History:

January 1985-March 1985, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on NBC


Billy Berrenger..... Robin Strand

Paul Berrenger..... Ben Murphy

Simon Berrenger..... Sam Wanamaker

Shane Bradley..... Yvette Mimieux

Babs Berrenger..... Anita Morris

Stacey Russell..... Jonelle Allen

Laurel Hayes..... Laura Ashton

Melody Hughes..... Claudia Christian

John Higgins..... Jeff Conaway

Todd Hughes..... Art Hindle

Cammie Springer..... Leslie Hope

Nick Morrison..... Steve Kahan

Gloria Berrenger..... Andrea Marcovicci

Danny Krucek..... Jack Scalia

Julio Morales..... Eddie Velez

Connie Morales..... Connie Ramirez

Mami Morales..... Jeannie Linero

Ana Morales..... Alma Beltran

Max Kaufman..... Alan Feinstein

Mr. Allen..... Michael David Lally

Frank Chapman..... Richard Sanders

Allison Harris..... Donna Dixon


This short-lived nighttime soap opera attempted to find scandal and sex at a fancy New York department store, but instead went out of business in two months.

Sam Wanamaker portrayed ruthless Simon Berrenger, the head of the high-class store that bore his name (why didn't they call it Wanamaker's?). His two sons were both working in the business - Paul, the president of Berrenger's, who was trapped in a loveless marriage to his wife Gloria and was carrying on an affair with Shane Bradley, the chain's merchandise V.P.; and Billy, in charge of P.R., who was fighting a losing battle addictions with booze and gambling. Simon's daughter, Babs, was a divorcée who had spent her entire life trying to win her father's love and respect. Bab's daughter, Melody, was married to ambitious Todd Hughes, who ran Berrenger's only branch store.

They, and the others on the payroll of Berrenger's, we all involved in licit and illicit affairs, power struggles, and assorted other intrigues that were the staple of all serial dramas. Telecast so briefly, however, Berrenger's never had the opportunity to become as convoluted as its more successful brethren.