Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 10, 1981

Last Telecast: August 23, 1982

Broadcast History:

September 1981, Thursday 8:00-8:30 on ABC

September 1981-January 1982, Thursday 8:30-9:00 on ABC

February 1982, Friday 9:00-9:30 on ABC

June 1982-August 1982, Monday 8:00-8:30 on ABC


Marshal Sam Best..... Joel Higgins

Elvira Best..... Carlene Watkins

Daniel Best..... Meeno Peluce

Parker Tillman..... Leonard Frey

Doc Jerome Kullens..... Tom Ewell

Laney Gibbs..... Valri Bromfield

Frog..... Tracey Walter

Mayor Fletcher..... Macon McCalman


The brave marshal, the evil saloon-keeper who "owns" the town, the drunken old sawbones - Best Of The West  was a rollicking spoof of the clichés of TV Westerns.

"Best" was Sam Best, a Civil War veteran from Philadelphia who journeyed West in 1865. With him were his 10-year-old son Daniel and his new wife Elvira, a Southern belle whom he had met while burning her father's plantation to the ground. Elvira and smart-mouthed Daniel were not exactly at home on the rough-and-tumble frontier. Elvira did her best to tidy up their new cabin, though. Dabbing daintily at the floor with a broom, she sighed "I just can't seem to get the dirt off this floor" - to which Sam dead-panned, "it's a dirt floor." And from city kid Daniel came: "I want you to understand, Dad, I'm never going outside."

But Sam's problems weren't confined to home. First, there was the Calico Kid, an incompetent gunfighter who terrorized the town until Sam accidentally drove him off, thereby earning himself the job of town Marshal. A more continuing source of aggravation was Parker Tillman, the villainous proprietor of the Square Deal Saloon (and most of the rest of Copper Creek). Though his fastidious, prissy demeanor seemed totally out of place in the West, Tillman had his manicured fingers in every racket imaginable. When his construction company put up the new jail, the building promptly collapsed; when the townspeople had to fight a flood, he rented them shovels.

Also in the cast was Tillman's dim-witted henchman, Frog, bawdy  mountain woman Laney Gibbs, and - of course - drunk old Doc Kullens.