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Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 26, 1962

Last Telecast: September 7, 1971

Theme Music: "The Battle of Jed Clampett," composed and performed by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs

Broadcast History:

September 1962-September 1964, Wednesday 9:00-9:30 on CBS

September 1964-September 1968, Wednesday 8:30-9:00 on CBS

September 1968-September 1969, Wednesday 9:00-9:30 on CBS

September 1969-September 1970, Wednesday 8:30-9:00 on CBS

September 1970-September 1971, Tuesday 7:30-8:00 on CBS


Jed Clampett..... Buddy Ebsen

Daisy "Granny" Moses..... Irene Ryan

Elly May Clampett..... Donna Douglas

Jethro Bodine..... Max Baer, Jr.

Milburn Dysdale..... Raymond Bailey

Jane Hathaway..... Nancy Kulp

Cousin Pearl Bodine (1962-1963)..... Bea Benaderet

Mrs. Margaret Drysdale (1962-1969)..... Harriet MacGibbon

Jethrene Bodine (1962-1963)..... Max Baer, Jr.

John Brewster (1962-1966)..... Frank Wilcox

Edythe Brewster (1965-1966)..... Lisa Seagram

Jasper DePew (1962-1963)..... Phil Gordon

Ravenswood, the Butler (1962-1965)..... Arthur Gould-Porter

Marie, the Maid (1962-1963)..... Sirry Steffen

Sonny Drysdale (1962)..... Louis Nye

Janet Trego (1963-1965)..... Sharon Tate

Lawrence Chapman (1964-1967)..... Milton Frome

Studio Guard (1964-1966)..... Ray Kellogg

John Cushing (1964-1967)..... Roy Roberts

Dash Riprock (aka: Homer Noodleman) (1965-1969)..... Larry Pennell

Homer Cratchit (1968-1971)..... Percy Helton

Elverna Bradshaw (1969-1971)..... Elvia Allman

Shorty Kellems (1969-1971)..... George "Shug" Fisher

Miss Switzer (1969-1970)..... Judy Jordan

Helen Thompson (1969-1971)..... Danielle Mardi

Miss Leeds (1969)..... Judy McConnell

Susan Graham (1969-1971)..... Mady Maguire

Gloria Buckles (1969-1971)..... Bettina Brenna

Shifty Shafer (1969-1970)..... Phil Silvers

Flo Shafer (1969-1971)..... Kathleen Freeman

Joy Devine (1970-1971)..... Diana Bartlett

Mark Templeton (1970-1971)..... Roger Torrey


One of CBS' longest running situation comedies, this was the slapstick treatment of the Clampetts, an Ozark hillbilly family who struck it rich (an oil well sprouted in their front yard) and moved to a Beverly Hills mansion. They deposited the $25 million given them by John Brewster, of the OK Oil Company, for drilling rights to their land, in Milburn Drysdale's Commerce Bank.

As Drysdale's biggest depositors, they received special treatment. The banker, concerned about their naiveté and ignorance of "big city ways," moved them into the mansion next door to his own home, in hopes of keeping an eye on them and helping them become more civilized.

The Clampetts were quite a group. Jed was the patriarch of the clan, a widower with much more common sense than anyone else in his slightly scatter-brained family. Jed's mother-in-law, Granny, spent most of her time concocting potions and trying to find a husband for Elly May. Elly May was a gorgeous young thing who loved "critters" (from cats and dogs to skunks and goats) and was incredibly naive. Many viewers put up with inane stories just to see her in a pair of jeans that looked like they were painted on. Cousin Jethro Bodine was a hulking giant of a man, as stupid as he was strong, always chasing any attractive lady he saw. The Clampetts' encounters with corrupt politics, unfamiliar fashions, indoor plumbing, and the other trappings of modern life provided grist for years of comedy.

Mrs. Drysdale, the banker's wife, could not stand living next door to the Clampetts. A socially prominent, status-conscious lady, she could never civilize them and, at one point, suffered the indignity of having her prize poodle Claude bear a litter fathered by Jed's lazy bloodhound, Duke. Despite her constant efforts, she could never get the Clampetts to move away. That her husband fawned over them, and indulged them as his best customers, only made matters worse. To help him with the monumental task of dealing with the Clampetts, Mr. Drysdale had the able help of his highly efficient assistant, Jane Hathaway.

In its first season, The Beverly Hillbillies spent much time in the hill country, as well as in Los Angeles. Jethro's mother, Cousin Pearl Bodine, was a prominent member of the cast, and there was a running story line covering the romance of Jethro's sister, Jethrine, with Jasper DePew. In later years, when Petticoat Junction was on the air, the Clampetts would travel to Hooterville around Christmastime to spend the holidays with their friends "back home". They were even there in the fall of 1970, after Petticoat Junction had been cancelled as a regular series.

In June of 1966, Jethro finally got his grade-school diploma and began a succession of schemes to become successful in business and, more important, as a playboy. None of his schemes worked but, since the oil kept flowing (by the last season, the Clampett fortune had swelled to $95,000,000), it really didn't matter. In the fall of 1964, Mr. Drysdale purchased controlling interest in Mammoth Studios for the Clampetts, who spent the next several seasons giving studio boss Lawrence Chapman fits. Elly May even found a long-term, but unsuccessful, suitor in movie star Dash Riprock, who tried to help Jethro in his quest to become a playboy. There was also an extended running battle between Mr. Drysdale and John Cushing, who ran the Merchant's Bank in Beverly Hills, since the latter was always trying to get the Clampetts to move their funds to his bank. In the last season The Beverly Hillbillies was in production, Elly May had a serious beau in Mark Templeton, a Navy frogman, something Granny never quite understood. Interestingly, during the previous season, the same actor had played a backwoods hillbilly named Matthew Templeton during a story line in which Granny returned home to Bug Tussle with Elly May to find her a husband.

The Beverly Hillbillies was an instantaneous hit, and during its first two seasons, ranked as the number one program on television, attracting as many as 60 million viewers per week. It entertained audiences for nine years in prime time but was finally cancelled because its ratings declined gradually and its audience was too heavily concentrated in rural areas to suit Madison Avenue advertisers.

The theme song, "The Battle of Jed Clampett," was specially composed for the show by blue-grass musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, and was on the national hit parade in early 1963. Not only did they sing the theme song, but Flatt and Scruggs made annual appearances on the show, playing themselves as friends of the Clampetts. These annual appearances, which ran until 1968, included actress Joi Lansing in the role of Gladys Flatt, Lester's wife, an ambitious but untalented singer and actress.

CBS aired reruns of The Beverly Hillbillies weekday mornings from September 1966 to September 1972.