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Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 17, 1964

Last Telecast: July 1, 1972

Broadcast History:

September 1964-January 1967, Thursday 9:00-9:30 on ABC

January 1967-September 1971, Thursday 8:30-9:00 on ABC

September 1971-January 1972, Wednesday 8:00-8:30 on ABC

January 1972-July 1972, Saturday 8:00-8:30 on ABC


Samantha Stephens / Serena..... Elizabeth Montgomery

Darrin Stephens (1964-1969)..... Dick York

Darrin Stephens (1969-1972)..... Dick Sargent

Endora..... Agnes Moorehead

Maurice..... Maurice Evans

Larry Tate..... David White

Louise Tate (1964-1966)..... Irene Vernon

Louise Tate (1966-1972)..... Kasey Rogers

    Tabitha Stephens (1966-1972)..... Heidi and Laura Gentry

    Tabitha Stephens (1966-1972)..... Tamar and Julie Young

    Tabitha Stephens (1966-1972)..... Erin and Diane Murphy

Adam Stephens (1971-1972)..... David and Greg Lawrence

Abner Kravitz..... George Tobias

Gladys Kravitz (1964-1966)..... Alice Pearce

Gladys Kravitz (1966-1972)..... Sandra Gould

Aunt Clara (1964-1968)..... Marion Lorne

Uncle Arthur (1965-1972)..... Paul Lynde

Esmerelda (1969-1972)..... Alice Ghostley

Dr. Bombay (1967-1972)..... Bernard Fox


Bewitched was a comedy about an exceptionally pretty young witch named Samantha and her earnest attempts to abandon her witchcraft to please her mortal husband, Darrin. The couple was married on the first telecast, but that was the last "normal" event in their union.

Samantha was continually tempted to use her witchly powers, invoked by a twitch of her nose, to get her way around the house. There was also a bevy of her relatives to deal with, none of whom wanted her to go straight; her mother Endora, her father Maurice; practical joking Uncle Arthur, and forgetful Aunt Clara, witches and warlocks all. Esmerelda the housekeeper, who came along in 1969, was also a witch, but her powers were declining; a timid soul, she would fade away when spoken to harshly. Samantha's mischievous look-alike cousin Serena, was also played by Elizabeth Montgomery.

Also in the case were Larry Tate, Darrin's long-suffering boss at the New York advertising agency of McMann and Tate, Larry's wife Louise, and the Stephen's easygoing but somewhat nosy neighbors, the Kravitzes.

Samantha's first child, Tabitha, was "born" on the telecast of January 13, 1966. The newborn infant was played briefly by identical twins Heidi and Laura Gentry, and then by Tamar and Julie Young; beginning in the fall of 1966, two-year-old Erin and Diane Murphy assumed the role (later it was played by Erin alone). A son, Adam, came along on the night of October 16, 1969, although he was not seen regularly until the 1971-1972 season.

Visitors to the Stephens household included Julius Caesar (summoned up by mistake when Samantha asked Esmerelda to make a Caesar salad). George Washington, and Henry VIII.

Bewitched was an imaginative and well-written show that earned several Emmys. It was, in fact, the biggest hit series produced by the ABC network up to that time (it ranked number 2 among all programs on the air during its first season).

Reruns have entertained viewers for many years, on the ABC weekday schedule from January 1968 to July 1973, on ABC's Saturday morning lineup from September 1971 to September 1973, and on local stations.

Elizabeth Montgomery, the star of the series, was in real life married to its producer/director, William Asher.