Show Type: Sci-Fi

First Telecast: March 5, 1980

Last Telecast: March 19, 1980

Broadcast History:

March 1980, Wednesday 8:00-9:00 on CBS


John Moore..... Jim McMullan

Simon Quaid..... James Wainwright

Joseph Oppenheimer..... William Jordan

Pamela Williams..... Connie Sellecca

Foley..... Severn Darden

Roberta..... Anne McCurry


The Delos Corporation was the world's largest and most powerful multi-national company. Among its many enterprises was the futuristic amusement park, Westworld, where visitors were waited on by sophisticated robots that looked and acted exactly like real people. With their help, Westworld's visitors could live out their wildest fantasies.

Enter the mad scientist, Simon Quaid, who with Joseph Oppenheimer, had invented these life-like robots for Delos. Quaid, an unstable genius, decided to reprogram his children "to take over the world (what else!) and turn it into a utopian" society under his guidance. Charge with foiling this fiendish plot were John Moore, head of Delos Security, and his lovely assistant, Pamela Williams. Actually, Quaid's efforts were thwarted more by this series' viewers than by anything else. There were so few of them that it was canceled after only three episodes.

"Beyond Westworld" was an offshoot of the 1973 movie Westworld, in which the robots ran amok (with no explanation why) and destroyed the amusement park, killing many of the guests in the process. Yul Brynner, as one of the robots, was the star of the movie and was its only cast member to appear in its sequel, Futureworld.