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 Branded - The Complete First Season

 Branded: The Complete Second Season


Show Type: Western

First Telecast: January 24, 1965

Last Telecast: September 4, 1966

Broadcast History:

January 1965-September 1966, Sunday 8:30-9:00 on NBC


Jason McCord..... Chuck Connors


Set in American in the 1880's, this series told the story of Jason McCord, who had had a successful military career following his graduation from West Point. He had risen to the rank of captain before he was dismissed from the service after being unjustly accused of cowardice. McCord traveled around the country in his attempt to gain proof that he was not a coward. In his travels he encountered people who believed in him and others who accepted his cowardice as fact. His previous experience as an engineer and mapmaker also led him into other assorted adventures.