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 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - The Complete Series

 If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor


Show Type: Western

First Telecast: August 27, 1993

Last Telecast: August 28, 1994

Broadcast History:

August 1993-July 1994, Friday 8:00-9:00 on FOX

July 1994-August 1994, Sunday 7:00-8:00 on FOX


Brisco County, Jr..... Bruce Campbell

John Bly..... Billy Drago

Lord Bowler (James Lonefeather)..... Julius Carry

Socrates Poole..... Christian Clemenson

Prof. Albert Wickwire..... John Astin

Cartwright..... James Greene

Pete Hutter..... John Pyper-Ferguson

Dixie Cousins..... Kelly Rutherford

Whip Morgan (1994)..... Jeff Phillips


This whimsical western fantasy, set in 1893, chronicled the adventures of jut-jawed hero Brisco County, Jr., a Harvard-educated attorney who had become a bounty hunter because he didn't like practicing law.

For much of the season, Brisco hunted a creepy, ruthless criminal named John Bly, who had murdered Brisco's Father, a U.S. Marshal, during a train robbery. Working with Brisco, often against his better judgment was a black bounty hunter with expensive tastes named Lord Bowler. Socrates Poole, who gave Brisco most of his assignments, was an attorney for the San Francisco-based Westerfield Club, which had hired Brisco to work for its interests in the West. Comet was Brisco's incredibly intelligent and resourceful horse.

Seen on a recurring basis were Professor Wirewick, an eccentric inventor; Cartwright, one of the senior members of the Westerfield Club; Pete Hutter, a dumb thief who sometimes worked with Bly; Whip Morgan, a likable con artist and Dixie, the sexy adventuress who was Brisco's on-again off-again love interest.

There was a tongue-in-cheek quality to Brisco, with each episode divided into "chapters" that usually ended in cliff-hangers. A running theme related to a mystical golden orb that had strange powers to bring people back to life and heal people who would otherwise be dead - and everyone wanted it for their own. In a January 1994 episode, it was revealed that Bly was a time traveler from 2506 who had come back to the 1890's to get the orb and take it to his time to use its power to rule his future world. In February, Brisco, with the help of Carina, a woman from the year 5502 whose people had placed the orbs in the past to help mankind develop, destroyed Bly, thus preventing him from returning to his time and initialing a 2,000-year-long reign of terror. At the end of that episode, Brisco and Bowler agreed to become special agents working on cases for President Cleveland when he needed them.