Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: January 9, 1967

Last Telecast: August 28, 1967

Broadcast History:

January 1967 - August 1967, Monday 8:30-9:00 on NBC


Carter Nash (Captain Nice)..... William Daniels

Mrs. Nash..... Alice Ghostley

Sergeant Candy Kane..... Ann Prentiss

Mayor Finney..... Liam Dunn

Chief Segal..... William Zuckert

Mr. Nash..... Byron Foulger


Captain Nice was created and written by Buck Henry, co-creator of Get Smart, and it was to superheroes what Get Smart was to secret agents - a parody. Carter Nash was a police department chemist who had accidentally discovered a liquid that, when drunk, would transform him into Captain Nice. Unfortunately, Captain Nice was no stronger a personality than Carter was normally - shy, quiet, unassuming, and mother-dominated. In fact, if it had not been for his mother, who demanded that her son wage war on the evil forces that constantly threatened society, he would not have gotten actively involved in fighting crime at all. The sight of Captain Nice trying to maintain his composure while flying over Bigtown (he had an acute fear of heights) in his baggy, moth-eaten, red-white-and-blue leotards (made for him by his mother) did not exactly terrify evildoers.