Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 17, 1961

Last Telecast: September 8, 1963

Creator: Nat Hiken

Broadcast History:

September 1961 - September 1963, Sunday 8:30-9:00 on NBC


Officer Francis Muldoon..... Fred Gwynne

Officer Gunther Toody..... Joe E. Ross

Lucille Toody..... Bea Pons

Captain Martin Block..... Paul Reed

Officer O'Hara..... Albert Henderson

Officer Anderson (1961-1962)..... Nipsey Russell

Officer Antonnucci (1961-1962)..... Jerome Guardino

Officer Riley (1961-1962)..... Duke Farley

Officer Murdock (1961-1962)..... Shelley Burton

Officer Steinmetz..... Joe Warren

Officer Leo Schnauser..... Al Lewis

Officer Kissel..... Bruce Kirby

Officer Ed Nicholson..... Hank Garrett

Officer Nelson..... Jim Gormley

Sylvia Schnauser..... Charlotte Rae

Officer Wallace (1962-1963)..... Frederick O'Neal


Officer's Toody and Muldoon were among the most unlikely patrol-car partners ever seen on a police force. Toody was short, stocky, friendly and just a little bit nosey, a marked contrast to the tall, quiet Muldoon. Although they were assigned to New York's 53rd Precinct - a run-down area in the Bronx not generally considered a hotbed of hilarity - they always seemed to encounter more comedy than crime. Much of the action took place in the precinct house itself, particularly in the locker room as the officer's got into uniform, and the comedy was invariably of the broad slapstick variety reminiscent of Mack Sennett.

One unusual aspect of this series was the partners' patrol car, which looked identical to those used by real-life New York City police - but only because the show was filmed in black & white. The car was actually painted red and white to distinguish it from real police cars during the shooting (all of which was done on location). On the home screen, the red and white car looked identical to the dark green and white of genuine New York City police cars.

Nat Hiken of the Phil Silvers Show was the creator, producer and one of the writers for Car 54, Where Are You?