Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: November 9, 1991

Last Telecast: February 2, 1992

Broadcast History:

November 1991 - December 1991, Saturday 9:00-9:30 on FOX

December 1991 - February 1992, Sunday 10:30-11:00 on FOX


Charlie Hoover..... Tim Matheson

Hugh..... Sam Kinison

Helen Hoover..... Lucy Webb

Doris..... Julie Hayden

Paul Hoover..... Michael Manasseri

Emily Hoover..... Leslie Engel

Mr. Culbertson..... Kevin McCarthy

Elliot Weedle..... Bill Maher


Charlie was a 40-year-old accountant suffering a midlife crisis when his alter-ego, outspoken, hedonistic Hugh materialized to offer him advice on how to spice up his dull, life. Hugh was 12" tall and visible only to Charlie, but his advice was certainly welcome. Charlie's boss, Mr. Culbertson, ignored him; his wife Helen, and his two teenaged kids only cared about the money he provided; and Warren, the family's Bulldog, regularly urinated on his shoes. Only his secretary, Doris, had any sympathy for him, and she had her own problems. Hugh wanted Charlie to be assertive, spontaneous, and adventuresome, but it wasn't easy for him to change.

Comic Sam Kinison's outrageous videos and appearances  on Saturday Night Live and HBO, as well as his struggles with drug and alcohol, had given him a wild man image that was toned down so much for this series that, comparatively, he was almost as dull as Charlie. Only six original episodes of Charlie Hoover were produced before Fox pulled the plug. A few months after the series left the air, Kinison was killed in an automobile crash.