Show Type: Drama

First Telecast: January 19, 1993

Last Telecast: May 25, 1993

Broadcast History:

January 1993 - May 1993, Tuesday 8:00-9:00 on FOX


David Morrissey..... Jason Gedrick

Whitney Reed..... Brandon Douglas

Samuel "Stroke" Dexter..... Gale Hansen

Antonio Hopkins..... Perry Moore

Jessica Cohen..... Lisa Dean Ryan

Robin Farr..... Kari Wuhrer

Patty Horvath..... Megan Ward

Janet Keeler..... Bridgid Coulter

Jameson Howe..... David Beecroft


Havenhurst College, a fictional Ivy League school in the Northeast, was the setting for this ensemble drama about a group of college freshmen. David, who served as the show's narrator through the letters he wrote regularly to his Uncle Joe back home in New Jersey, was the first of his family to ever go to college. He had an on-again, off-again romance/friendship with Jessica, an English major from a wealthy family. David's roommate, Stroke, was an avaricious computer genius constantly coming up with schemes to make easy money. Jessica's roommates were Patty and Robin. Patty, the daughter of a prominent actress who wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps, befriended Stroke (who would have preferred more than just friendship) and got romantically involved with Whitney. Robin, a sexually active free spirit who lost her security when money problems caused her parents to ask her to transfer to a state school, was determined to stay at expensive Havenhurst. She sought both financial aid and a job to pay her college bills and started an affair with English literature professor Jameson Howe (David Beecroft). The other featured roommates were Whitney and Antonio. Whitney, the insecure son of an autocratic Havenhurst alumnus, had a drinking problem that he eventually got under control, while Antonio, a serious and bright black student on an academic scholarship, clashed with the father of his girlfriend, Janet, a wealthy and successful black man who found it difficult to accept his daughter dating a guy from the ghetto.

Filmed in Toronto with the University of Toronto used for exteriors.