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 Combat! - The Complete Series

 Combat! - Season 1, Campaign 1

 Combat! - Season 1, Campaign 2

 Combat! - Season 2, Mission 1

 Combat! - Season 2, Mission 2

 Combat! - Season 3, Operation 1

 Combat! - Season 3, Operation 2

 Combat! - Season 4, Conflict 1

 Combat! - Season 4, Conflict 2

 Combat! - Season 5 Invasion 1

 Combat! - Season 5 Invasion 2

 Combat!: The Best of Saunders

 Combat!: The Best of Hanley

 Combat! The Best of the Squad

 Combat! - Best of Espionage 5

 Combat! - Best of New Replacements 4

 Combat! A Viewer's Companion to the WWII TV Series (revised)


Show Type: War Drama

First Telecast: October 2, 1962

Last Telecast: August 29, 1967

Broadcast History:

October 1962 - August 1967, Tuesday 7:30-8:30 on ABC


Lieutenant Gil Hanley..... Rick Jason

Sergeant Chip Saunders..... Vic Morrow

PFC Paul "Caje" Lemay..... Pierre Jalbert
Private William G. Kirby (1963-1967)..... Jack Hogan

Littlejohn (1963-1967)..... Dick Peabody

Doc Walton (1962-1963)..... Steven Rogers

Doc (1963-1965)..... Conlan Carter

Private Braddock (1962-1963)..... Shecky Greene

Private Billy Nelson (1963-1964)..... Tom Lowell


Combat! depicted the exploits of a U.S. Army platoon fighting its way across Europe during World War II, following D-Day. Realism was the keynote of this mud-splattered series, whose cast was sent to army camp for a week of actual "boot camp" training before production began. Original World War II battle footage was included in some episodes. The stories ranged from straight combat adventure to human interest and sometimes humorous themes. Among the regulars were Pvt. Braddock, the platoon comic and resident hustler, played by nightclub comedian Shecky Greene; Caje (whose name was originally Caddy Cadron in the pilot episode only), the sly, dark-haired Cajun; and Doc Walton, the young, sensitive medical aid-man. Out in front were the tough, hard-boiled leaders, Lt. Gil Hanley and Sgt. Chip Saunders.