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Show Type: Police Drama

First Telecast: September 28, 1991

Last Telecast: September 7, 1995

Broadcast History:

September 1991 - January 1995, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on ABC

August 1994, Thursday 9:00-10:00 on ABC

February 1995 - April 1995, Thursday 9:00-10:00 on ABC

May 1995, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on ABC

August 1995 - September 1995, Thursday 9:00-10:00 on ABC


Commissioner Tony Scali..... Michael Chiklis

Rachel Scali..... Theresa Saldana

David Scali..... Kaj-Erik Eriksen

Sarah Scali (1992-1994)..... Dayna & Justine Cornborough

Arnie Metzger (1991-1992)..... David Paymer

Detective Irv Wallerstein (1991)..... Alex Bruhanski

Officer Enrico "Ricky" Caruso (1991-1994)..... Nicholas Lea

Officer Carmela Pagan (1991-1993)..... Gina Belfonte

Officer Stan Kelly (1991-1994)..... Geoffrey Nauffts

Detective Cyd Madison (1992-1994)..... Melinda McGraw

Detective Paulie Pentangeli (1991-1992) (1994-1995)..... John Cygan

Lucille Carter..... Kimberly Scott

Officer Mike Rose (1991-1994)..... Pat Bermel

Officer Ronnie Lopez..... Jason Scott Schombing

Officer Gordy Tuefel (1991-1993)..... Michael Patten

Freddie..... David "Squatch" Ward

Officer Jonathan Papdakis (1992-1994)..... Ray Scrivano

Mayor Louise Hinton..... Linda Darlow


An easygoing series about the paunchy, balding top cop in suburban Eastbridge, just north of New York City. Brooklyn-born Tony, the "commish" to his officers, was tough on criminals but ebullient around others, and had a sense of fun that belied his serious title. His approach to police work was entirely practical - he'd rather eat lunch than chase a criminal down an alley. "Chases usually lead to friggin' injuries," he observed, "but no one ever got hurt by a bowl of linguini." In addition to busting "perps" (sometimes personally), Tony dealt with a bustling home life including supportive wife Rachel, impressionable young son David, and freeloading brother-in-law Arnie. Irv was his longtime friend and second-in-command at the P.D., and Ricky and Carmela, two squabbling young patrol car officers. Freddie was the dense maintenance man.

Quite a few officers were seen over the years. Irv was succeeded almost immediately as Chief of Detectives by Paulie, who gave way to Cyd Madison in 1992. When she left for a better position in 1994, Paulie returned. Other continuing stories included the birth of daughter Sarah to the Scalis in 1992 and the assassination attempt on Tony in 1994, which left him paralyzed and in rehab for a time.

Based on a real-life police commissioner, Tony Schembri of Rye, New York, who had previously been an advisor to producer Stephen J. Cannell on other cop shows.

Two Commish movies aired in late November and early December 1995, after the series had ended.