Show Type: Foreign Intrigue

Broadcast History:

USA Network

60 Minutes

Produced from 1990-1993

Premiered on July 1, 1990


Alexander Addington..... Christopher Plummer

Peter Sinclair..... Simon MacCorkindale

Nikki Beaumont (1990-1991)..... Cyrielle Claire

Luke Brenner (1990-1991)..... Stephen Shellen

Suzanne Addington (1990-1991)..... Laurence Ashley-Taboulet

Gabrielle Germont (1991-1993)..... Sophie Michaud

Hector Stone (1991-1993)..... James Purcell

Helene Previn (1991-1993)..... Patricia Cartier

J.J. ..... Andre Mayers

Bennett..... Tom Kneebone


Toronto billionaire Alexander Addington had good reason to be angry. Terrorists had kidnapped and killed his beloved wife, but instead of blowing someone up, he decided to use his considerable resources to form a crack international crime-fighting team, one that would take on similar cases that the authorities could not - or would not - tackle. Suave Peter, an ex-Scotland Yard operative, was the team's leader, assisted in the first season by beautiful Nikki and strong man Luke. At the beginning of year two, Nikki got married and Luke was killed on a mission; they were replaced by Gabrielle, a nosy magazine writer, and Stone, an ex-Marine and Navy SEAL.

They all jetted about in Addington's high-tech command plane, linked to the world and to his Paris headquarters by picture phones and other state-of-the-art communications devices. J.J. was the pilot, Bennett the butler, Helene was Addington's efficient secretary, and Suzanne his beloved daughter.