Show Type: Detective / Foreign Intrigue

First Telecast: September 22, 1984

Last Telecast: July 6, 1985

Broadcast History:

September 1984 - April 1985, Saturday 10:00-11:00 on CBS

May 1985 - July 1985, Saturday 8:00-9:00 on CBS


Mac Harper (1984)..... Jon-Erik Hexum

Danielle Reynolds..... Jennifer O'Neill

Henry Towler..... Richard Anderson

Jack Striker..... Antony Hamilton

Rick..... Mykel T. Williamson

Gretchen..... Ingrid Anderson

Billie..... Irena Ferris

Ashley..... Dana Sparks

Cindy (1984)..... Heather McNair


They traveled around the world on fashion assignments - Dani, the gorgeous professional photographer, and Mac, her handsome male model. At least that was their public job; actually they were secret agents working on a free-lance basis for a mysterious U.S. government agency. They were well-suited to their clandestine roles - Mac was a former Green Beret who had served in Vietnam and was a specialist in karate, chemical interrogation, and foreign languages. Dani was no novice either, having been married to an agent whose death she and Mac avenged in the series' premiere episode. Under the loose supervision of Towler, they traveled from country to country, staging fashion shows and photo sessions with their scantily clad models, while rescuing Americans from dangerous situations. Rick was Dani's photographic assistant and helped both her and Mac on espionage assignments, while Gretchen, Billie, Ashley, and Linda were her most frequently used models.

Antony Hamilton replaced Jon-Erik Hexum as Dani's partner after Hexum's tragic death following an accident in which he had shot himself in the head on the set of Cover Up.