Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 5, 1993

Last Telecast: November 7, 1993

Broadcast History:

September 1993 - November 1993, Sunday 9:30-10:00 on FOX


Dr. Steven Mitchell..... Richard Lewis

Al Mitchell..... Don Rickles

Helen Mitchell..... Renee Taylor

Christine Winters, Ph. D..... Sydney Walsh

Lisa..... Alice Carter

Larry Mitchell..... Carey Eidel

Danny Mitchell (pilot only)..... Jonathan Gibby

Danny Mitchell (age 11)..... Jeffrey Bomberger

Pete Peters..... Barney Martin


Set in New York, this loud sitcom was the story of Dr. Steven Mitchell, a neurotic, divorced psychologist living in Manhattan with his wimpy young son, Danny, and his obnoxious father, Al. A used-car salesman, Al had recently separated from his wife, Helen, and Steven was trying to get them back together so that he could get reduce the rather considerable amount of hostility at home. Despite their underlying love for each other, whenever Steven and Al were together, the insults and putdowns flew fast and furious. Also seen were Christine, the attractive psychologist with whom Steven had a joint practice; Lisa, their sexy but somewhat eccentric secretary/receptionist; Larry, his married brother, who was more than happy to have their overpowering father living with Steven; and Pete, Al's buddy, who seemed to spend more time at Steven's home than at his own. Each episode ended with flubbed moments from takes of scenes aired behind the closing credits.