Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 21, 1994

Last Telecast: October 12, 1994

Broadcast History:

September 1994 - October 1994, Wednesday 8:30-9:00 on CBS


Dudley Walker..... Dudley Moore

Samantha Walker..... Meredith Scott Lynn

Amy Walker..... Stacy Galina

Phoebe Walker (age 16)..... Keri Russell

Dennis Dumont..... Harvey Fierstein

Lenny..... Alan Ruck

Scar..... Phil Buckman


Dudley Walker's world was full of aggravation in this single-parent sitcom. Dudley's ex-wife, Annette, had run off with his partner, leaving him to run their struggling Los Angeles-based women's clothing business by himself. Dudley's three daughters contributed to his angst. Amy, the eldest, had married Lenny, the world's most boring ophthalmologist; Samantha, the ambitious middle daughter, had taken on much of the responsibility of his ex-partner and wanted to be a partner herself; and Phoebe, the teenager, was a free spirit with a very dumb, long-haired boyfriend named Scar. Dennis Dumont, the firm's fussy designer, who had an incredibly gravelly voice, despite his bizarre behavior, was a sort of father figure who dispensed generally sound advice.