Show Type: Dance Variety

Syndication only

30 Minutes

Produced from 1978-1987 (234 episodes)

Released in January, 1979


Deney Terrio (1979-1985)

Adrian Zmed (1985-1987)


Freeman King (1979-1985)


Dianne Day (1979-1980, 1981-1985)

Flo Solder (1980-1981)

Toni Yuskis (1979-1980)

Janet Marie Jones (1980-1985)

Debra Johnson (1985-1987)

Jeanie Thompson (1985-1987)

Debby Harris (1985-1987)

Cindy Millican (1985-1987)


This pulsating series offered the best amateur disco dancers from around the country a chance for national exposure. Each week four couples competed and were rated by a guest panel of show-business celebrities. The top-rated team could go on to win as much as $50,000 if they made it to the annual Grand Prix finals. The music was hot and continuous, with flashing lights and spectacular routines straight out of Saturday Night Fever. A rock music act and the show's own dancers, (Terrio and two women called "Motion") also performed each week. Freeman King was the show's "video disc jockey" during the first two seasons. When Terrio left Dance Fever in 1985, he was replaced by actor Adrian Zmed, who had previously been a celebrity panelist on the show.