D.C. Follies

Show Type: Sitcom

Syndication only

Produced from 1987-1989 (72 episodes)

Released in September, 1987


Fred Willard

The Krofft Puppets


Louise DuArt

John Roarke

Maurice LaMarche

Joe Alaskey (1987-1988)


D.C. Follies was a bar located in Washington not far from the White House. Its owner and bartender was Fred Willard, who was, in fact,  the only live regular on the series - the patrons were virtually all puppets designed by Sid and Marty Krofft. They included dummies of President and Mrs. Reagan; former Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon; other political personalities; assorted news types like Andy Rooney, Dan Rather, and Ted Koppel; and celebrities such as Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson and Oprah Winfrey. The humor tended to be on the satirical side, often taking potshots at politicians and the political process. In addition to the puppets, each episode brought a celebrity guest into the bar, with Martin Mull, Robin Leach, Bob Uecker, and Betty White appearing early on.