Show Type: Drama/Sitcom

First Telecast: March 15, 1977

Last Telecast: August 29, 1981

Broadcast History:

March 1977 - May 1977, Tuesday 9:00-10:00 on ABC

August 1977 - March 1981, Wednesday 8:00-9:00 on ABC

March 1981 - August 1981, Saturday 8:00-9:00 on ABC


Tom Bradford..... Dick Van Patten

Joan Bradford (1977)..... Diana Hyland

Sandra Sue "Abby" Abbott Bradford..... Betty Buckley

Nicholas Bradford (age 8)..... Adam Rich

Tommy Bradford (age 14)..... Willie Aames

Elizabeth Bradford (age 15)..... Connie Needham Newton

Nancy Bradford (age 18)..... Dianne Kay

Susan Bradford Stockwell (age 19)..... Susan Richardson

Joannie Bradford (age 20)..... Laurie Walters

Mary Bradford (age 21)..... Lani O'Grady

David Bradford (Pilot Only)..... Mark Hamill

David Bradford (age 23)..... Grant Goodeve

Dr. Greg "Doc" Maxwell (1977-1979)..... Michael Thoma

Daisy Maxwell (1977-1979)..... Virginia Vincent

Donna (1978-1981)..... Jennifer Darling

Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell (1979-1981)..... Brian Patrick Clarke

Janet Bradford (1979-1981)..... Joan Prather

Ernie Fields (1979-1981)..... Michael Goodrow

Jeffrey Trout (1980-1981)..... Nicholas Pryor

Jeremy Andretti (1980-1981)..... Ralph Macchio


This comedy-drama focused on a family with eight very independent children, aged 8 to 23. When the series began, Tom, the father, was a newspaper columnist for the Sacramento, California Register, and Joan was his wife of 25 years. The death of actress Diana Hyland during production of the spring of 1977 episodes of Eight Is Enough forced major changes, however. Hyland had completed only four shows and was written out of the remainder as being "away." When the series returned with new episodes that fall, Tom Bradford had become a widower, his wife having died, at least in the story line, about "a year ago." With the help of his best friend, Doc Maxwell, Tom set about keeping order among his large brood while re-entering, in middle-age, the singles world. He soon found romance in the person of Abby, a pretty schoolteacher who came to the Bradford home to tutor one of the youngsters. Their romance blossomed, and on a special two-hour telecast on November 9, 1977, Tom and Abby were married.

As the series continued, Abby pursued and got her Ph.D. in education and began counseling work at Memorial High (as well as at home!). The Bradford kids all became involved with various friends and romances as they grew, and in a special episode in September 1979, David and Susan each got married, in a double wedding - David to attorney Janet, and Susan to pro baseball pitcher Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell (who later signed with the New York Mets). David then went to work for a construction firm, while Susan set about producing the first Bradford grandchild - Sandra Sue, born in October 1980. Meanwhile, Joannie got a job at a television station, and became engaged to Jeffrey Trout (played by Nicholas Pryor).

The series was based on the book Eight Is Enough by Thomas Braden.