Show Type: Military Drama

First Telecast: September 26, 1983

Last Telecast: March 12, 1984

Broadcast History:

September 1983 - March 1984, Monday 10:00-11:00 on CBS


Rear Admiral Thomas Mallory..... Dennis Weaver

Maggie Farrell..... Maud Adams

Deanna Kincaid..... Jill St. John

Lieutenant Glenn Matthews..... Andrew Stevens

Lieutenant Commander Jack Warren..... Charles Frank

Lieutenant Simon Adams..... Richard Dean Anderson

Hilary Adams..... Sela Ward

Ensign Leslie Mallory..... Doran Clark

Kay Mallory Matthews..... Stephanie Dunnam

Celia Mallory Warren..... Susan Dey

Harlan Adams (1983)..... Patrick O'Neal

Harlan Adams (1983-1984)..... Robert Vaughn

Lieutenant Alexi Gorichenko..... Michael Carven

Admiral Yuri Bukharin..... Robert Loggia

Scott Farrell..... Darryl Cooksey

David Marquette..... Michael Brandon


The interlocking worlds of the military and big business provided the backdrop for this prime-time soap opera. Commanding officer at the Emerald Point Naval Air Station was Admiral Thomas Mallory, a widowed career military man with three beautiful young daughters - Celia, married to brilliant military lawyer Jack Warren; Kay, who in midseason wed Glenn Matthews, a former pilot who had been discharged from the Navy after being convicted of manslaughter; and youngest daughter, Leslie, recently graduated from Annapolis. The local business magnate, appropriately unscrupulous, was Harlan Adams, president of Adams Industries. Harlan's son, Navy pilot Simon Adams, was as honorable and good as his father and sister Hilary were bad. There was the usual mix of maneuvering for power, sleeping around, and horrible revelations about flawed characters and hidden pasts, along with the intrigue added by the military setting.

Admiral Mallory's bitchy but beautiful sister-in-law, Deanna Kincaid, who wanted power and wealth, had her heart set on marrying Harlan. In the meantime, she got involved with KGB spy, Yuri Bukharin and, when caught by Naval intelligence, became a double agent. The love life of Admiral Mallory was shared with Maggie Farrell, the liaison between the town's military affairs council and the Naval base. She and Mallory, who were good friends at the start of the season, were about to be married at its end. The wedding never took place, however, since she was kidnapped by mentally disturbed David Marquette in the cliff-hanger season-ending episode. Since the series was not renewed, viewers never did find out what happened.