Show Type: Drama

Broadcast History:

Lifetime Network

60 Minutes

Produced from 1989-1990 (44 episodes)

Premiered on September 1, 1990


Ann Hildebrandt..... Sara Botsford

Jake Antonelli..... Mark Humphrey

Mike Fennell..... Art Hindle


Jonathan Welsh

Neil Dainard

Karl Pruner

Mary Beth Rubens

Cynthia Belliveau

Jim Millington

Sherry Miller

Theresa Tova

George R. Robertson

Rachael Crawford


Soap opera set in the television newsroom of Canadian station CTLS, Channel 10. The initials stood for "electronic news gathering," but the focus was not so much on the news as on who was sleeping with whom. Ann was the savvy and assertive executive producer who was having a clandestine affair with Jake, the station's star cameraman. Her world was upset by the arrival of ratings-minded News Director Mike, whose coverage philosophy clashed with hers. Younger Jane and mature Seth (who was sure he was being pushed aside) were the anchors; Bruce a young schemer; J.C. a cranky, older, wheelchair-bound assignment editor; Dan a smarmy reporter who always turned out to be wrong; and Kyle the fatherly, silver-haired station manager. In addition to the bed-hopping, there was much agonizing over journalistic ethics, even as people's lives were destroyed by the station's aggressive pursuit of rating-grabbing stories.

This Canadian-produced series was aired by Lifetime daily at 7:00pm for only a few months before it was banished into the wee hours - a victim of the ratings Mike dreaded.