My Friend Flicka

Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: February 10, 1956

Last Telecast: May 18, 1958


Rob McLaughlin...... Gene Evans

Nell McLaughlin..... Anita Louise

Ken McLaughlin..... Johnny Washbrook

Gus Broeberg..... Frank Ferguson

Hildy Broeberg (1956)..... Pamela Beaird

Set in Montana around the turn of the century, and based on the 1943 movie which had been adapted from the stories of Mary O'Hara, My Friend Flicka was the story of a boy and his horse.

Young Ken McLaughlin's best friend was his beloved horse, Flicka. Ken and his parents, along with ranch hand Gus and, of course, Flicka, encountered all different kinds of adventures while struggling to make ends meet and dealing with their neighbors and friends.

The show made the complete circuit, with the reruns showing up all over the TV screen. Here's what it looked like: ABC as a late-afternoon program weekdays during the 1959-1960 season and From the fall of 1961 until the fall of 1966, it was on Saturday afternoons; CBS during the 1961-1962 season; ABC again from September 1962 to December 1963; and back on CBS for two years beginning in September 1964.

Originally, My Friend Flicka aired in black and white on CBS but was filmed entirely in color. NBC reran the series in full color during the following season.

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