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Show Type: Comedy/Variety

First Telecast: September 17, 1970

Last Telecast: June 27, 1974

Broadcast History:

September 1970 - June 1971, Thursday 7:30-8:30 on NBC

September 1971 - June 1974, Thursday 8:00-9:00 on NBC


Flip Wilson

The Jack Regas Dancers

The George Wyle Orchestra


Comic Flip Wilson was the first black performer to achieve major popularity as host of his own variety hour. The Flip Wilson Show was an enormous hit, placing number two among all programs on television during its first two seasons.

Although music and guests were an important part of the format, Flip's comedy was the real focal point of the series. In various skits he played a collection of stock characters, which included: Geraldine Jones, a sassy, swinging, liberated woman with a very jealous boyfriend named "Killer"; Reverend LeRoy of the Church of What's Happening Now, a gospel preacher who seemed to be slightly less than honest and just a touch lecherous; Danny Danger, private detective; and Herbie, the Good Time Ice Cream Man. Flip's best-known expression was a wide-eyed "The Devil made me do it!"