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Show Type: Police/Supernatural Drama

First Telecast: May 7, 1992

Last Telecast: August 23, 1994

Broadcast History:

May 1992 - August 1993, Tuesday 11:30-12:30am on CBS

August 1993, Friday 12:30-1:30am on CBS

November 1993 - August 1994, Tuesday 12:35-1:30am on CBS

(In First-Run Syndication September 1994-September 1996, and on USA Network September 1995-September 1996)


Detective Nicholas "Nick" Knight..... Geraint Wyn Davies

Detective Don Schanke (1992-1995)..... John Kapelos

Natalie Lambert..... Catherine Disher

Captain Joe Stonetree (1992-1993)..... Gary Farmer

Lacroix..... Nigel Bennett

Janette (1992-1995)..... Deborah Duchene

Captain Amanda Cohen (1994-1995)..... Natsuko Ohama


Nick Knight was a good-looking young homicide detective who worked the night shift out of necessity, not by choice. He could not work during the day because he was an almost 800-year-old vampire. It was while fighting in the Crusades that Nicholas had been lured by Janette, a vampire, into becoming a disciple of the immortal Lacroix, who had made him a vampire in Paris in the year 1228. Now Nick worked on a modern big-city police force while trying to find a way to end the curse of the undead. There were a couple of advantages to his condition - he had infrared vision, could fly (although he didn't turn into a bat), and was inhumanly strong. Nick drove a 1962 Cadillac with a big trunk in which he used to hide from the sun in emergencies. Unwilling to drain others of blood, he kept bottles of cow's blood chilled in his refrigerator. The only person who knew Nick's secret was his friend, Natalie, the medical examiner who was trying to formulate something that would return him human form. Det. Schanke was Nick's corpulent partner, and Capt. Stonetree was their boss. His old friend Janette ran The Raven, a club where other local vampires hung out, and his nemesis Lacroix kept turning up to torment him. In fact, while working on cases, Nick would have flashbacks to incidents that had occurred during his eight centuries as a vampire.

Forever Knight originally aired on CBS during the 1992-1993 season and was rerun the following year. When it moved into first-run syndication, with new episodes, Nick and Schanke had been transferred to a different precinct and were now reporting to Capt. Cohen. Lacroix was working as a late-night radio personality, and early in the season, Schanke found out Nick was a benign vampire.

In the fall of 1995, Nick was temporarily partnered with young detective Vetter, who was touchy because her father was the police commissioner and she was insecure about what people thought about her. Their partnership became permanent when a plane on which Schanke and Capt. Cohen were traveling was blown up by a bomb. Janette had left Toronto, and Lacroix was now running The Raven. New to the cast were Vachon, another vampire with a mission to do good who was in love with Tracy, and Capt. Reese, who had replaced Cohen.

The final original episode brought closure in a number of ways. Tracy died after a crazed gunman's bullet went through Nick's body and fatally wounded her. Natalie wanted him to bring her over to the world of the undead, but after he started to, he couldn't finish, and she died. As the episode ended, he had convinced Lacroix to end his eternal suffering by driving a stake through his heart.

Produced in Toronto, Canada,