Show Type: Dramatic Anthology

First Telecast: September 30, 1962

Last Telecast: September 22, 1963

Broadcast History:

September 1962 - September 1963, Sunday 9:30-10:00 on CBS


Jack Webb


The distinction between this series and its predecessor, General Electric Theater, was that all of the stories presented in this series were based on actual incidents and were dramatized with as much fidelity to the original as possible. The stories tended to be in the adventure-suspense vein, and many had military themes. All were taken from the files of True magazine.

Jack Webb, who was the host and narrator for the entire series, was the closest thing to a major star to appear in General Electric True. In "Code-Name Christopher," a two-part story which he also directed, Webb played an American agent planning the sabotage of a Nazi factory during World War II. Among the few other familiar names that appeared in these dramas were Jerry Van Dyke, Arte Johnson, Robert Vaughn, and Victor Buono.