Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: April 9, 1985

Last Telecast: July 30, 1985

Broadcast History:

April 1985 - July 1985, Tuesday 9:30-10:00 on ABC


President Julia Mansfield..... Patty Duke

General Oliver Mansfield..... Ted Bessell

Premier Dmitri Zolotov / Ivan Zolotov..... Dick Shawn

Secretary of State LaRue Hawkes..... Glynn Turman

Helmut Luger..... Herschel Bernardi

General Hannibal Stryker..... John Vernon

Senator Sam Cotton..... Murray Hamilton

Doug Mansfield..... Ricky Paul Goldin

Lucy Mansfield..... Quinn Cummings

Willy Mansfield..... Taliesin Jaffe

Lenore..... Maxine Stuart

Reverend Billy Joe Bickerstaff..... Richard Paul

Darlene the Spy..... Alexa Hamilton

Randy..... Joel Brooks

Raoul the Butler..... Chick Vennera


The President of the United States was surrounded by a cabinet of crazies in this about life in the White House under the first woman chief executive. Created by the creator of Soap (Susan Harris), it used the same type of semi-serialized story lines as the earlier hit, and even some similar plots. Madame President was confronted by such ongoing crises as her husband Oliver's inability to make love; a lunatic major threatening to start World War III; an equally lunatic Russian Premier Zolotov on the hotline; the blackmailing of her husband by KGB head Ivan (the Premier's twin brother) after Oliver was caught in a compromising position with sexy spy Darlene; son Doug's impregnating of General Stryker's daughter; and an attempt to impeach her by ranting Rev. Billy Joe, who maintained that Satan had put this the White House.

Hawkes was the sensible Secretary of State, who was often out-shouted by National Security Advisor Luger and General Stryker. The President's three children were tennis pro Doug, Lucy (who had the hots for Raoul the Butler), and little Willy; Lenore was Julia's bedazzled mom, and Randy her chief Secret Service agent. The whole ensemble was voted out of TV office after only seven episodes.