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Show Type: Western

First Telecast: September 14, 1957

Last Telecast: September 21, 1963

Theme Music: "The Ballad of Paladin" by Johnny Western, Richard Boone and Sam Rolfe; sung on the soundtrack by Johnny Western

Broadcast History:

September 1957 - September 1963, Saturday 9:30-10:00 on CBS


Paladin..... Richard Boone

Hey Boy (1957-1960) (1961-1963)..... Kam Tong

Hey Girl (1960-1961)..... Lisa Lu


Have Gun Will Travel was one of the most popular programs of the late 1950's, and the chief prototype of a rash of dapper heroes invented by TV to populate the Old West.

Paladin was certainly not your normal everyday illiterate gunslinger. He was college-educated, having attended West Point in pursuit of a military career. Instead, after serving in the Civil War, he headed West to become a high-priced "gun for hire," a kind of Old West troubleshooter. He was based at the fancy Hotel Carlton in San Francisco and his calling card bore the figure of a paladin (the white chess knight) and the inscription: "Have Gun, Will Travel... Wire Paladin, San Francisco."

Paladin was a man of culture, enjoying the finest clothes, epicurean meals, and literate company - except when he was on assignment. Then, dressed all in black, he became a very intimidating figure indeed. Despite his somewhat violent profession, he had a sense of ethics that dictated what he would and would not do; it occasionally led him to seek out the very people who had hired him if they in fact were the guilty parties.

Hey Boy, the Asian working at the Hotel Carlton, was seen at the beginning of most episodes bringing a message to Paladin from a prospective client. During the 1960-1961 season, while Kam Tong was involved in a more substantial role in another series, The Garlund Touch, he was replaced by Lisa Lu. He returned to Have Gun Will Travel after his new venture was cancelled.

Have Gun Will Travel was an overnight hit, ranking among the top 5 programs during its first season on the air. From 1958-1961, it was the #3 program on television - behind two other Westerns - Gunsmoke and Wagon Train.

It's theme song, "The Ballad of Paladin," was a hit single in the early 1960's.