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Show Type: Adventure

Broadcast History:

Syndication only

60 Minutes

Produced from 1994-1999 (111 episodes)

Released in January 1995


Hercules..... Kevin Sorbo

Iolaus..... Michael Hurst

Salmoneus..... Robert Trebor

Autolycus..... Bruce Campbell

Ares (1995)..... Mark Newham

Ares / Iphicles (1996-1999)..... Kevin Smith

Strife (1997-1998)..... Joel Tobeck

Aphrodite (1996-1999)..... Alexandra Tydings

Morrigan (1998-1999)..... Tamara Gorsky

Discord (1997-1999)..... Meighan Desmond

Nebula (1999)..... Gina Torres

Nautica (1999)..... Angela Dotchin


Greek and Roman mythology provided the basis for this beefcake adventure series that was spun off from several made-for-TV movies aired during 1991.

Hercules was half man and half God, with greater strength than any mere mortal. His father, Zeus, was the King of the Gods and his mother, Alcmene, a beautiful woman.

At the beginning of the first episode, Hercules' wife, Deianira (played by Tawny Kitaen in the made-for-TV movies), and his children were killed by his evil stepmother, Hera. Hercules, trying to cope with this loss, traveled from place to place helping people and battling the terrifying creations of Hera and the other rogue Gods. In addition to other humans, he fought hydra-headed monsters, dragons, demons, and even a giant Cyclops. On occasion, he used techniques that looked similar to contemporary martial arts. Despite all the violence, there was plenty of time for romance and fun, and the series had a pronounced tongue-in-cheek quality about it.

Iolaus, Hercules' best friend since they were children, traveled with him and reveled in the many fights they got into. Among the recurring characters were: Salmoneus, a talkative but cowardly peddler forever looking for his big score; Autolycus, "the prince of thieves," a likeable crook who was almost as cowardly as Salmoneus; Ares - the God of War, Hercules' malevolent half-brother who was obsessed with seeing Hercules dead; Strife, Ares's aide, and Aphrodite, the playful Goddess of Love.

In May, 1998, Hercules' mother died and he decided to join his father, Zeus on Olympus to rule the other Gods, but he changed his mind and returned to Earth. Later that year, Iolaus's body was taken over by Dahak, an ancient demon, and several episodes were spent with Hercules trying to exorcise the evil spirit. In January, he succeeded, with the help of Nebula and Morrigan, with whom he had fallen in love, destroying Dahak and releasing Iolaus's spirit so that it could go to Heaven. A few weeks later, another Iolaus, who had been a jester on an alternative Earth, returned with Hercules to our Earth to replace the hero's dead friend. The new Iolaus was very timid and really didn't want to fight - but he adjusted. Hercules and Morrigan, who had gone their separate ways, got back together on a trip to Cyprus, reminiscing about their romance. In May, Iolaus II and his beloved Nautica, daughter of Triton - God of the sea, left to live in the ocean. The following week, the Gods allowed the original Iolaus to return to Earth to travel with Hercules once again.

An early spin-off series was Xena: Warrior Princess (1995). Two other Hercules series surfaced on network TV in September 1998. On weekday afternoons, Fox aired Young Hercules, starring Ryan  Gosling as Hercules and Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus, produced by the same people responsible for the grown-up Hercules, and ABC premiered the animated Disney's Hercules on Saturday mornings.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Young Hercules were both filmed on location in New Zealand.