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 Here Come the Brides - The Complete First Season



Show Type: Sitcom/Adventure

First Telecast: September 25, 1968

Last Telecast: September 18, 1970

Theme Music: "Seattle," by Jack Keller, Hugo Montenegro & Ernie Sheldon

Broadcast History:

September 1968 - September 1969, Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 on ABC

September 1969 - September 1970, Fridays 9:00-10:00 on ABC


Jason Bolt..... Robert Brown

Jeremy Bolt..... Bobby Sherman

Joshua Bolt..... David Soul

Lottie Hatfield..... Joan Blondell

Candy Pruitt..... Bridget Hanley

Aaron Stempel..... Mark Lenard

Big Swede..... Bo Svensen

Biddie Cloom..... Susan Tolsky

Captain Charley Clancey..... Henry Beckman

Miss Essie Gillis..... Mitzi Hoag

Ben Jenkins...... Hoke Howell

Christopher Pruitt (1969-1970)..... Eric Chase

Molly Pruitt (1969-1970)..... Patti Cohoon


Comedy-adventure set in boomtown Seattle (population 152) in the 1870's.

Logging camp operator Jason Bolt and his young brothers Jeremy and Joshua were in danger of losing their timberland, at Bridal Veil Mountain, because their men were near revolt - over the lack of women in Seattle. Jason contrived an ingenious scheme. Using funds borrowed from rival sawmill operator Aaron Stempel, he sailed back to New Bedford, Massachusetts, and persuaded 100 prospective brides to return with him to the frontier. The girls, led by Candy Pruitt, returned with Jason aboard Capt. Clancey's decrepit ship, and Seattle was never the same again.

There was a catch, however. If any of the 100 girls left before a year was up, Jason would forfeit his land to Stempel. It was quite a year, but Jason won his wager.

Bobby Sherman and David Soul were both looked on as promising young singers when Brides was cast. Boosted by exposure on the series, Sherman went on to become a highly popular recording star beginning in 1969, and subsequently appeared in other TV series. Blond-haired David Soul, who had his first TV exposure as the hooded "mystery singer" on The Merv Griffin Show from 1966-1967, later became Hutch on the enormously popular Starsky And Hutch. He also married (in real life) one of the "brides" he met on the series' set, actress Karen Carlson.