Show Type: Comedy/Drama

First Telecast: August 22, 1985

Last Telecast: October 15, 1985

Broadcast History:

August 1985 September 1985, Thursday 10:00-11:00 on CBS

September 1985 October 1985, Tuesday 8:00-9:00 on CBS


Mary Newell Abbott..... Jane Kaczmarek

Ben Abbott..... Franc Luz

Christopher Springer..... Andrew Rubin

Barbara Donnelly..... Margaret Whitton

Peter Kincaid..... John Bedford-Lloyd

Jane Parnell..... Christine Estabrook

Joey Nathan..... Daniel Stern

Jennifer Abbott..... Erin Leigh Peck

Tess Abbott..... Donna Vivino

Dylan Nathan..... Mikey Viso


Hometown was an obvious, and unsuccessful, attempt to bring the feel of the highly successful 1983 movie The Big Chill to television.

It was the story of seven close friends, who had been practically inseparable during their college days in the 1960's, trying to cope with the realities of their maturing lives in the 1980's. Mary and Ben got married in the series premiere episode, after having lived together since their college days and raising two daughters. He was a successful businessman, while she wanted to renew her long-abandoned dancing career.

Christopher was a wealthy rock star with an unhappy personal life; Barbara an insecure divorce trying to start a new life; Peter and Jane, both college professors and, in her case, a Presidential advisor as well; and Joey, a single parent and restaurant cook who was more content with his modest means than any of his materially more successful friends.