Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: January 24, 1975

Last Telecast: June 6, 1975

Broadcast History:

January 1975 June 1975, Friday 9:00-9:30 on ABC


Bill Lewis..... James Cromwell

Clifford Ainsley..... Richard Masur

April Green..... Conchata Ferrell

Charles Bingham..... Al Freeman, Jr.

Suzy Marta Rocket..... Jeannie Linero

Millie..... Gloria Le Roy

Jackie..... Robin Wilson

Mr. Morse..... Stan Gottlieb

George..... Lee Bergere

Gordon..... Henry Calvert

Mrs. Bellotti..... Charlotte Rae


Hot L Baltimore was one of the most controversial comedies of the 1970's. Based on the award-winning off-Broadway play of the same name, and produced for TV by trendsetter Norman Lear, it brought sexual innuendo and racy dialogue to the home screen.

The setting was the lobby of the once-grand but now dilapidated Hotel Baltimore (the "e" in the sign had burned out and had never been replaced).

Among the denizens were desk clerk Bill and his love, April; the harried manager, Clifford; the philosophical Charles; Suzy Marta Rocket, the Colombian prostitute; Millie, the unemployed waitress; Jackie, the tomboy; Mr. Morse, the septuagenarian always on the brink of expiring; George and Gordon, the homosexual couple; and eccentric Mrs. Bellotti. Often heard but never seen on-screen was Mrs. Bellotti's 26-year-old prankster son Moose, who delighted in such escapades as buttering the hallways, staging The Poseidon Adventure in the bathtub, and collecting unlikely pets. Once, when the lobby habitus protested a rent increase, Moose glued himself to the ceiling of his room in sympathy.