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Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 18, 1965

Last Telecast: September 1, 1970

Broadcast History:

September 1965 – September 1966, Saturday 8:00-8:30 on NBC

September 1966 – August 1967, Monday 8:00-8:30 on NBC

August 1967 – August 1968, Tuesday 7:30-8:00 on NBC

September 1968 – August 1969, Monday 7:30-8:00 on NBC

September 1969 – September 1970, Tuesday 7:30-8:00 on


Jeannie..... Barbara Eden

Captain Tony Nelson..... Larry Hagman

Captain Roger Healey..... Bill Daily

Dr. Alfred Bellows..... Hayden Rorke

General Wingard Stone (1965-1966)..... Philip Ober

Melissa Stone (1965-1966)..... Karen Sharpe

General Martin Peterson (1965-1969)..... Barton MacLane

Amanda Bellows (1966-1970)..... Emmaline Henry

General Winfield Schaeffer (1969-1970)..... Vinton Hayworth


Astronaut Tony Nelson was on a space mission that was aborted, forcing him to parachute onto a desert island. While waiting for the rescue team, he came across an old bottle that had apparently washed up ashore. When he opened the bottle, out popped a 2,000-year-old (but remarkably well-preserved) genie who promptly accepted him as her master, since he had set her free.

Returning to Cocoa Beach, Florida with the rescue team, Tony found that nobody would believe that he had found a luscious, sexy genie. The base psychiatrist, Dr. Bellows, was convinced that Tony had suffered delusions caused by exposure. Complicating the matter, the genie, appropriately named Jeannie, refused to perform magic or ever appear for anyone but Tony. Her efforts to serve him often resulted in rather confusing situations, caused in part by her lack of familiarity with 20th-Century American customs.

Jeannie was in love with Tony, although their relationship was platonic during the first couple of seasons. She did not take kindly to any of the women he attempted to date, including Melissa, the general’s daughter of whom he was engaged when the series premiered. Jeannie used her powers to motivate Melissa’s old boyfriend to propose to her. Roger, Tony's girl-crazy buddy and fellow astronaut, was the only person other than Tony who knew that Jeannie existed and had magical powers (he found out in Spring 1966).

Roger was constantly getting Tony into situations that aggravated the very jealous Jeannie, who disrupted any of her master’s romances. She finally convinced Tony that he loved her enough to marry her, and they were wed in the episode telecast on December 1, 1969.

Tony and Roger, originally captains, were both promoted to major in February 1966. During the show’s run there were occasional appearances by Jeannie’s magical and mostly invisible dog Djinn-Djinn, assorted crazy relatives, and, during the last three seasons, her wicked twin sister, Jeannie (played by Barbara Eden in a dark wig). During the last season Roger’s sexy girlfriend Tina (Farrah Fawcett), who seldom spoke, appeared in a number of episodes.

An animated version of this series, simply titled Jeannie, aired Saturday mornings on CBS from September 1973 to August 1975.