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Show Type: Adventure/Espionage

First Telecast: September 15, 1965

Last Telecast: September 2, 1968

Broadcast History:

September 1965 September 1967, Wednesday 10:00-11:00 on NBC

September 1967 September 1968, Monday 10:00-11:00 on NBC


Kelly Robinson..... Robert Culp

Alexander Scott..... Bill Cosby


I Spy was a departure from the traditional type of show about espionage. Both of its leads were realistically conceived characters and could see the humor in situations, enabling them to have fun with their work. It had its share of cloak-and-dagger action, but never took itself too seriously. Comedian Bill Cosby, who provided much of the subtle humor in the show, proved he was an accomplished serious actor and had the added distinction of being the first black performer to have a starring role in a regular dramatic series on American Television.

Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott were a team of American agents. The cover used by Kelly was that of a top-seeded tennis player traveling around the world for tournaments. A former law student at Princeton, he had played on two Davis Cup teams. Alexander Scott's cover was as trainer and traveling companion to Robinson. A graduate of Temple and a Rhodes Scholar, his knowledge of languages was often useful in dealing with people all over the world. Both of them were dedicated to government service and America, but their dedication did not stop them from often questioning the motives and purposes behind some of the maneuvers in which they were involved. Their usual approach to life, and job, were a very refreshing contrast to the nature of their work.

Filmed on location in such cities as Hong Kong, Acapulco, Las Vegas, Marrakech, Rome, and Tokyo, among others.