Bring The Invaders Home!

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 The Invaders - The First Season


Show Type: Sci-Fi

First Telecast: January 10, 1967

Last Telecast: September 17, 1968

Executive Producer: Quinn Martin

Broadcast History:

January 1967 January 1968, Tuesday 8:30-9:30 on ABC

January 1968 September 1968, Tuesday 10:00-11:00 on ABC


David Vincent..... Roy Thinnes

Edgar Scoville..... Kent Smith


One of the most durable science-fiction ideas is the one that questions the very reality of what we see around us. Could there be aliens in our midst? Architect David Vincent certainly thought so. He had witnessed the landing of a flying saucer, and stumbled onto an incredible secret: that scattered throughout the world's population, disguised as humans, was an advanced guard of alien creatures from a dying planet, who were preparing to conquer the Earth!

Convincing his fellow citizens of this was of course no easy task, so Vincent went on a one-man crusade to obtain solid evidence and warn mankind of the dangers it faced while trying not to fall into the clutches of the aliens.

Identifying the enemy was tricky, but it could be done. Sometimes the invaders would have slightly mutated hands, such as a little finger jutting out awkwardly; sometimes, though rarely, they would begin to glow when they were in need of regeneration to retain their human form. And of course, they also had no pulse or heartbeat because they had no hearts.

For the first few months of the series, Vincent fought a lonely, largely undercover battle. Eventually, feeling that he was a bit too lonely to be plausible, the producers gave him some allies, a young group of seven others who had also learned the secret and wanted to help. His chief confederate, who joined the show in December 1967, was Edgar Scoville, the head of an electronics firm.

Could it really happen? Well, you never know, but actor Roy Thinnes, in a bit of promotional hype released by the ABC press department, claimed that he had actually seen a UFO during the filming of the series. Then again, maybe he is one of them