Show Type: Adventure

First Telecast: September 8, 1975

Last Telecast: January 19, 1976

Broadcast History:

September 1975 January 1976, Monday 8:00-9:00 on NBC


Dr. Daniel Westin..... David McCallum

Walter Carlson..... Craig Stevens

Dr. Kate Westin..... Melinda Fee


In an attempt to update the classic H.G. Wells story, this series brought us Dr. Daniel Westin, a scientist who had discovered a means of making any object invisible including himself.

When he found out that the government planned to use his technique for military purposes, he memorized the secret formula, destroyed his equipment, and turned himself invisible to escape. Unfortunately his method for becoming visible failed to work, and he was temporarily stuck in invisibility. Seeking the aid of a scientist friend, he had a wig, highly realistic face mask, and plastic hands made to conceal his invisibility, enabling him to resume a somewhat normal a public life.

Daniel and his wife Kate then went to work for the KLAE Corporation, where he continued his experiments in order find his way back. He also undertook an assortment of dangerous security missions for his boss, Walter Carlson. Whenever the situation got tight, Daniel could take off his mask and clothes and "disappear." This did not always prove to be as helpful as it might seem, however, as when he was trapped in the house of a blind man, extraordinarily sensitive to sound, who was out to kill him.