Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: September 11, 1966

Last Telecast: August 27, 1967

Broadcast History:

September 1966 August 1967, Sunday 7:30-8:00 on CBS



Hector..... Jack Mullaney

Mac.... Frank Aletter

Shad..... Imogene Coca

Gronk..... Joe E. Ross

Boss..... Cliff Norton

Mrs. Boss..... Kathleen Freeman

Clon..... Mike Mazurki

Mlor..... Mary Grace

Breer..... Pat Cardi

Mr. Tyler..... Alan DeWitt

General Morley (1967)..... Frank Wilcox


After their space capsule made a wrong turn somewhere, and cracked the time barrier, astronauts Hector and Mac discovered that they were headed back to a world quite different from the one they had left. They landed in a swamp smack in the middle of Earth's Stone Age, not far from a tribe of cave dwellers.

Among their new prehistoric neighbors were a friendly couple, Shad and Gronk; their two children, Mlor and Breer; the tribal bully, Clon; and the suspicious chief, Boss.

In the episode of January 22, the astronauts finally managed to repair their spaceship and return to the 20th Century, bringing Shad, Gronk, and their children back with them. The cave people had even more trouble adjusting to modern-day Los Angeles than the astronauts did to the prehistoric world. Mr. Tyler was the superintendent of their apartment building.